2017 Winter Newsletter

Joy and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who so generously responded to the Haitian needs that we made known to you a few months ago. Your love for the people of Haiti and willingness to help them in their time of profound struggle greatly encourages Joy and I. We felt so blessed to be supported and surrounded by such dedicated and dependable brothers and sisters in Christ! You all enable this ministry to continue functioning in a complete and efficient way. Thank You for your ongoing faithfulness to God’s Kingdom expanding work in Haiti!


2017 Summer Newsletter

Many of you have expressed interest in knowing what’s occurring in Haiti with individuals, families and communities, so I thought that I would start highlighting various stories that fall within these categories. This update will relate the story of Juliet, who many of you have had the pleasure of meeting on short term mission trips. Juliet’s story is an inspiring one as it contains evidence of what persistence, hard work, and faith can accomplish even in difficult of situations.


2017 Spring Newsletter

Greetings from Haiti! I want to apologize for not having communicated with all of you for the past few months. The combination of health issues (that are greatly improving – thank you for your prayers!), a mountain of work (literally!), and continual trials have made it somewhat difficult to get a newsletter out. We just finished hosting three mission teams and there is a small hiatus before the next team arrives, so I took a day to write to you all and provide you with the details of the unbelievable miracles of salvation that we are witnessing! This newsletter’s length would be excessive if I wrote all that is occurring right now in the ministry, thus I ask you to never assume that a late newsletter correlates with a lack of activity in the ministry. I want to briefly highlight 5 individuals whom I feel will inspire you with their stories.


2016 Fall Newsletter

We have been led by the Holy Spirit to direct a strategic attack against the powers of darkness in SudEst – the state in which we reside. After teaching and doing an in-depth study on the power of prayer with our Tuesday night Intensive Discipleship Training class, Malcolm was led by the Holy Spirit to have all 20+ students pray together, on their knees, that the power of each of the priest/priestesses in their neighborhood/village would be pulled down to the glory of God!