The shocking facts


of primary school age children cannot afford school


of schools have electricity


of teachers have no training in education and have never attended secondary school


of young adults in Haiti are illiterate



of schools have no libraries or access to books


of schools aren't accredited


of children who start school drop out before 6th grade, unable to pay


of girls over the age of 6 will never attend school


Teachers lead the way for education

Stepping away from the traditional ‘child sponsorship’ programs that are purposed to fund education in the developing world, Charis has engaged in a different funding model. Living in Haiti has allowed us to understand the educational intricacies of Haiti from the inside looking out, and what we have discovered has resulted in our model. Teachers in Haiti get paid according to what the students’ families can give. Since extreme poverty exists within our communities, many of the student’s families couldn’t pay, and thus the teachers were not paid consistently. The understandable frustration that this caused the teachers, translated into poor teaching and indifference towards the work and the students.


"You know Haiti is a difficult country.  If a person isn't educated he can't work.  If one does find work it is most usually difficult.  I thank the men who are sponsoring this school so that we have a job that we value.  My life has improved, they have given me hope. I would like very much to meet them in Haiti one day."
Ms. Ferlande


Teacher salaries = free education for children

Charis pays teachers’ salaries. This provides the teachers with consistent pay checks, peace of mind, and a new zeal toward their jobs. We also increased the average pay from 50 dollars a month to 125 dollars a month, providing the teachers with a greater ability to feed and provide for their families. This model has been incredibly successful, as it gives families the ability to send their children to school for free. This also provides Charis with the autonomy to place any orphan, or underprivileged child, directly into one of our schools with no red tape that was previously based on the ability to pay. These are God’s children, and Charis has great faith that He will continue, through the generosity of our donors and churches, to provide for these beautiful children that are created in His image!


"The Lord is good! He has heard our prayer and has blessed us beyond our imaginations. Thank you, Charis!"
Sully Sainfete