"They who dive into the sea of affliction bring up rare pearls." - Charles Spurgeon

Suffering. Due to a worldly standard that places a negative connotation on this word, we are taught to avoid suffering at all costs. As a result of our unwillingness to suffer as Christians,the world suffers! In our journey through our ministry in Haiti, which is currently in its infancy, I have been surprised by both the level of suffering and the reliability of its almost daily reality. Since initiating this ministry in Haiti we have personally experienced real hunger due to lack of food, have witnessed babies and young children die due to starvation, we have lived in 135 degree temperatures with no relief for days, I have had severe illnesses, experienced demonic attacks, curses have been placed on me by vodou priests, death contracts have been placed on my translator and I as we witness to the vodou community, I have been abandoned by friends and deceived and slandered by leaders and this is all within the first year of our ministry! Many reading this could fairly ask the question, "why would you continue?" The answer is readily available in the Bible.

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