"But God said to him, "You fool! This very night your life is demanded of you." Luke 12:20

Prior to moving to Haiti, I spent summers and falls playing men's 12 inch softball. I was friends with many of the players, and even though I refrained from going out with them after games to drink at bars and stay out most of the night, I was still respected by my team mates who saw me as a family man who had standards that existed as a result of my Christianity.

This week I received an email stating that one of my team mates, who was in his early 40's, was found dead in his home. As I read these words and began to process this, the Holy Spirit pierced my heart with great force. This man, my team mate, was dead, and he was not a believer. Unless he had responded to God's call since I last saw him, his soul is now eternally lost, forever separated from God in hell. This is not a topic that we like to talk about but it’s about time that we do.

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