The spiritual battle is fought in many ways.


Haiti’s only hope of freedom from spiritual bondage is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The current physical desperation and social disparities that have been meted out by Satan over centuries in Haiti will not instantaneously disappear. Through our obedient work, the ministry of the Holy Spirit must continue in order to destroy the spiritual scaffolding that supports the enduring structures of demonic agendas and Haitian bondage.



Becoming an intimate part of a community is the only way to effectively penetrate it with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


By preaching the gospel in the classroom, the Holy Spirit will produce outstanding citizens in Haitian communities while also producing citizens of heaven.


One’s health determines the extent to which one can learn and live a fruitful life in the Lord.


Vodou has a stronghold in the country of Haiti and the only way to overcome it is by the power of the gospel.